The professional solution for drying your hands.

Ecodryer is a professional solution with many advantages for drying the hands. A professional drying for many business: horeca, healthy, public buildings…

Benefits Eco

The environmental and health advantages of using the Ecodryer machines are very important. These will be the benefits you will get using our hands dryers:

ecodryer mejora las condiciones higienicasImprove hygienic conditions

Ecodryer Frucosol uses 100% of clean air thanks to its anti-bacteria filter technology that provides its users with a more hygienic and safety environment. As well, you will protect your customers against germs, and release negative ions with the logical benefits for your health.


ecodryer mejora medio ambienteImproves environment

Ecodryer Frucosol uses the mínimum energy consumption as has its own motor to provide hot air to the user for drying his/her hands. There are not residues like paper napkins that has to be removed, and its LED sensors are only activated when it is really needed.


ecodryer reduce huella de carbonoReduce its carbon trace

Ecodryer Frucosol uses less energy and time than traditional dryers; in this way we are reducing our carbon trace as we are decreasing the quantity of energy we employ.


elimina toallas de papelFinish with the paper napkins

Ecodryer Frucosol will finish with the continuously replacement of paper napkins that are consuming natural resources or generating residues. As well, we cannot forget that the production of these napkins produce toxic materials like dioxin.

Then, we are contributing to reduce the number of trees that are cut to make the napkins, and preserving in this way the animals that live in the forests.