The professional solution for drying your hands.

Ecodryer is a professional solution with many advantages for drying the hands. A professional drying for many business: horeca, healthy, public buildings…


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Frequently questions

Here you will find the most frequent questions and the answers about Ecodryer Frucosol.

pictureCan I install the Frucosol Ecodryer on my toilet?

The Frucosol Ecodryer has a size of 29 (large) x 22 (depth) x 69 (height) cm. and needs to keep a distance of 50 mm to every side. It must be fixed to the wall able to keep its weight of 11 kg, so it shouldn’t be fixed to pladour, carton, or similar materials walls. You will also need a plug and electricity of 230 – 240 V – 50 Hz.

pictureWhat kind of maintenance does the Frucosol Ecodryer need?

The Frucosol Ecodryer machine must be cleaned every day as everything in the toilet; then, we should use a wet piece of cloth and a non-abrasive detergent to clean the surface of the equipment (do not use bleach or abrasive products). As well, you must empty the deposit that is placed at the bottom of the machine and whose function is to collect the water that is poured after drying hands. From time to time please be sure that the entry of the air in the machine is clean and free of obstacles.

pictureHow many time can be active the assets against microbes of the surface of the machine? And the air filter?

The material we have used to manufacture the Frucosol Ecodryer hands dryer machine is designed to be active during the whole life of the machine.

 With regard to the filter, it has also a long life; however, it is recommended to replace it sometimes according to the use of the machine.

pictureIs the Frucosol ecodryer suitable for Food Business Companies?

Of course, the Frucosol Ecodryer is specially designed to dry your hands with air at environment temperatura (no hot air is needed), and this air is even filtered by a Hepa Filter that takes about 99.9% of the bacteria. Then, it is a very recommended system for any type of Company, like Food Business, in order to replace the drying with paper napkins that is damaging so much the Environment.